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Jens Hogenkamp Photography was founded in 2008. After 13 years of experience in sports photography and confidence in my work I decided to venture this step.

Reviewing the last 5 years of working as professional photographer I don't regret my decison. Many content photo editors, business clients and private customers, who all seem to be convinced by my photographic results and my way of working, assure me in my daily work. I'm convinced than visual contents are much more exciting and meaningful then reading text about photos. Find out if you also appreciate my point of view and check out my portfolio.

To get an overview about the field of activities Jens Hogenkamp Photography is offering please have a look at services.

If you're interested in a collaboration please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be glad to discuss your ideas and to realize your expectations.

Below you'll find a few quotes what other people are thinking about my work:

"Jens Hogenkamp ist nicht zuletzt wegen seiner spektakulren Blitzaufnahmen der Shootingstar unter den Kite- Fotografen."


"Wer den letzjährigen ION Photo Award verfolgt hat, wird unweigerlich an Deinen Bildern hängen geblieben sein, weil man sich schlichtweg ein "Wow" nicht verkneifen konnte."


Jens in front of the lens

Practicing the sports by himself Jens also knows the view of a rider. This means authentic photos as a result of his own passion.

As a photographer I appreciate the job behind the viewfinder a lot! Many thanks to:

Sybille Bode
Jan Schiegnitz