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JUSTKITE kiteboarding calendar

JUSTKITE kiteboarding calendar is the result of a cooperation between Liquid Force pro-rider Jan Schiegnitz and Jens Hogenkamp Photography.

JUSTKITE is a brand new calendar project- created and supported by riders and photographers who are united by their passion and appreciation for kiteboarding.

JUSTKITE shows kiteboarding in unique photos from spectacular angles and perspectives. Visit the website to find out more about the JUSTKITE kiteboarding calendar and to get an impression of our work at:
The boys went out

The boys went out is a documentation about kiteboarding- captured during a roadtrip in Scandinavia. Outstanding action presented by some of the best european kiteboarders.

Martina Chamrad and Steffen Boseckert were shooting the Roadmovie-Documentary, Jens Hogenkamp Photography was the responsible photographer on this trip.

Find an article about the trip in magazine, issue #4 2011. For more information or to order the DVD have a look at

Kiteskate is a new facet in kiteboarding. Inspired by skateboarding, a kiteskate-board doesn't have got any straps or bindings and allows to do tricks like kickflips, shove it's and more on the water.

To push this development in kiteboarding and to encourage the athletes Torben Kaeding, Jan Schiegnitz and Jens Hogenkamp organized the first kiteskate championships in Europe- called KITESKATE MASTERS. Additional to the organisation Jens Hogenkamp Photography was taking pictures to document this event.

Feel free to follow the link below to find out more about kiteskating and the KITESKATE MASTERS.
ION photo award 2008

ION Photo award 2008, Kiel, Germany. Several teams of wind-, wave and kitesurfer were challenging at ION Photo Award 2008. Task was to develop a story and to realise it with nice pictures. Team Two around photographer Jens Hogenkamp reached 2nd place. Feel free to catch a glimpse here.